8 Best Places to Own a Beach House in the United States


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If you’re weighing about buying a beach house, you might have questions like why you want one or a piece of paradise near white-sand beaches that you can enjoy in the summer and rent out in the winter. Of course, if your beachfront property is for your use, you should enjoy it.

However, your tastes may only matter if they are only for making money. Having a vacation property by the ocean means often strolling down the beach and waking up to the sound of crashing waves. For this reason, it’s no surprise that buying a second home near the beach is one of the most popular real estate trends. 

Therefore, if you are searching for a beach vacation house, various coastal regions give a classic laid-back beach environment. These U.S. regions go from the coast of North Carolina to the coast of Oregon. The following is a rundown of the most attractive investment opportunities in coastal real estate.

Galveston, Texas

Galveston is a stunning barrier island located on the Gulf Coast near Houston, and it boasts an impressive 32 miles of breathtaking beaches. Furthermore, renters can enjoy abundant art galleries, museums, beautiful golf courses, and a delightful seafood market. Galveston is an excellent tourist destination and a promising investment opportunity for savvy investors.

It’s great to see so many spring breakers in the area during the prime season. However, the region is a fantastic getaway for Texans all year round, which means your vacation property will always be in high demand and consistently booked, resulting in maximum profitability.

Hatteras Island, North Carolina

Even if you’re not a surfer, this gorgeous barrier island in North Carolina will enchant you with its long stretches of beach, easygoing vibe, and delectable seafood. Additionally, the temps of the water here are perfect for fly fishing or simply enjoying the day at sea.

There would be less residential and commercial development on Hatteras Island, and there would be more oceanfront. This region draws more than 2.5 million people annually, with Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands having one of the highest visitor numbers in recent history in 2022. As a result, a vacation property in this location has high rental potential.

Lake Anna, Virginia

According to Vacasa’s recent data, Lake Anna is set to be the top destination in 2023. The area’s homes are spread across three counties, providing plenty of beachfront options with a favorable capitalization rate. This lake is quite impressive! It’s the second-largest in Virginia and boasts 17 miles of beautiful shoreline with sandy beaches.

This fantastic location offers two sections: the public side, which has beachfront restaurants, and the private side, which is free from commercial activity. Autumn is a fantastic time to travel and witness the stunning colors of the trees along the lake’s shoreline. While many people take vacations in the summer, it’s in the fall that you can see the lake’s forest at its most vibrant.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

One of the most fantastic spots to buy a beachfront home in 2023 is in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Miles of sugar-white sand beaches and all the required shops and restaurants for a day at the beach can be found in this delightful locale.

West Coasters, in particular, are drawn to this beautiful stretch of beach on the Gulf of Mexico to purchase second homes. In addition, Gulf Shores is a popular tourist destination and investment hotspot because of its welcoming atmosphere and abundance of activities suitable for the whole family.

Navarre Beach, Florida

Located just east of Pensacola, this little seaside town has a surprising amount to offer. Here, sunbathing and swimming in the clear waters are the main attractions for visitors. Visitors who cross the bridge into the town at Navarre Beach describe it as a “transcending paradise.” Navarre Beach, Florida, has desirable home selling prices and a respectable capitalization rate for those seeking a beachfront home.

Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Although the Oregon Coast may not be known for its sun-drenched beauty like other beaches, it still has unique charm and beauty. It’s an excellent destination for those who love windswept coastlines and a mild climate, perfect for cozying up with loved ones.

Visitors to Oregon’s coast can enjoy storm-watching from the comfort of their vacation home while exploring the local shops or sipping on a drink at one of the region’s renowned breweries with their furry friend by their side. Moreover, the median annual gross rental income is comparable to other leading coastal cities for investment, indicating that it is an ideal option for your new beach house.

Corolla, North Carolina

Corolla, North Carolina, is home to a wide variety of vacation houses that range from quaint and little to grand and mansion-like. The return on investment for available properties in the region is impressive.

Some vacation homes offer private pools, theater rooms, indoor hot tubs, and direct beach access. This seaside town may have a small-town feel, but visitors can still maintain luxury. Corolla is famous for its herd of wild horses, a group of Colonial Spanish mustangs who roam freely along the coastline.

Destin, Florida

Between Destin and Fort Walton Beach, the Gulf of Mexico has 24 miles of white sand beaches with water that varies in hue from light green glass to emerald. Destin and the rest of Florida’s Emerald Coast draw about 5 million tourists annually. It’s not hard to see why, what with the state’s dazzling white sand beaches made from naturally cooling Appalachian quartz, countless sunny golf courses and waterparks, the Sunshine State’s largest fishing fleet, and the Gulf of Mexico’s year-round pleasant temperature. Also, 62% of tourists book holiday rentals, which is excellent news for private houses and condo owners.

Use Your Own Beach House to Its Full Potential

If you decide to buy a beach house, this list might be an excellent resource for a vacation rental in a picturesque beach town with a high cap rate and a consistent stream of guests. Also, look for a knowledgeable vacation rental real estate professional on whom you can depend. A specialist may advise you on possible houses and top beach communities that vacationers want.