5 Reasons to Choose Phuket as your Next Holiday Destination


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5 Reasons to Choose Phuket as your Next Holiday Destination

The world sure is a big place, with almost...


The world sure is a big place, with almost 200 countries, each with their own set of laws, values and beliefs which make up the culture. If you are looking for a tropical paradise, look no further than the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.

Here are a few reasons why Thailand is one of the most visited countries on the planet.

Natural Beauty 

Thailand is the garden of the world where everything grows in abundance and there’s nowhere that tops Phuket. Huge limestone rocks climb out of the water to give a surreal experience; James Bond Island is just one of many that are a boat ride away.  While enjoying a luxury spa in Phuket with your favourite cocktail, you have a breathtaking backdrop to make your holiday special.

Abundance of Marine Life 

How about snorkelling with whale sharks or a school of bottle-nose dolphins? See the huge manta rays glide through the water with amazing grace; hire a boat for the day and the skipper will show you the best dive sights, with wrecks that are teeming with life. If you fancy getting scuba certified, there are local dive schools with PADI courses and advanced-level courses.

Stunning Architecture

If you love stunning architecture, book a temple tour with an English-speaking guide and discover the rich Buddhist buildings. You could visit 9 temples in a single day, which is a challenging task! The best way to book a tour is through the hotel, ask the receptionist for details and they can arrange for you to be collected at a specific time. Click here for amazing attractions in Phuket to add to your holiday schedule.


Thailand has a low cost of living when compared to Europe and the US and if you are lucky, you can find an all-inclusive hotel deal, so you can enjoy 5-star luxury on your budget. There are great family deals where you have a 3-bedroom suite with all the amenities of a 5-star resort (including Thai massage and spa). An all-inclusive package can save a family a small fortune and these amazing deals are out there, all you have to do is find them!

Fly Direct to Phuket 

Of course, you can fly to Bangkok then take another flight to Phuket, but there are direct flights; have the hotel send a limo to meet you at Phuket airport’ What could be better than that? Once you leave the airport, you are surrounded by natural beauty and a direct flight is much more convenient.

Check out the Tourism Authority of Thailand for up-to-date information on Phuket activities; it is wise to check for Thailand entry requirements; some passport holders receive a 30-day visa on arrival, while others require obtaining a tourist visa from a Thai Embassy. We feel confident that you will be entranced with Thailand and you will be back for more in the future!