Is the 44mm Apple Watch Too Big for a Woman?


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44mm apple watch on female wrist – When we wear something when our body, there are two different things that matter on everything that you wear. The first thing is that it should complete its purpose. Whether you are wearing clothes or any accessories, it should complete its purpose of covering you, or giving you it’s benefits.

The second thing that matters whenever you are wearing something is that it should be perfect on you. This means that it should be visually appetizing, or should match your entire attire.

If any of these two things is not proper, chances are that you might not even like the thing that you are wearing.

Whether it’s clothes or accessories, you need to have the perfect fit, and it should complete its purpose. If you are wearing clothes that are too big for your size, it would cover your body, but it won’t look good on you.

If you are wearing it on purpose for any other reason, then it is perfectly fine. However, if it is too big or too small, you won’t like to wear it, even if it belongs to a very famous brand.

Accessories are exactly like that, and whether it is shoes, watches, caps or any other thing, it should fit you perfectly. Recently, the watches revealed by Apple are considered to be a problem for women. Let us look into this problem with a questionnaire session.

Questions regarding the 44mm Apple watch, and its size regarding women:-

Do women have different watch sizes?

We all are made biologically different. We all have our own body type, and sometimes we do match the level of our body type to many people. However, we still differ biologically.

Whether we consider different genders, or ages, everyone has their own proportions and sizes. We should never be ashamed of our proportions and sizes, and that is why we can always adjust with our clothes.

If we talk about accessories, accessories are usually made unisex, and most of the time they have their own sizes. As mentioned before, we do have various proportions and sizes, but there exist generalized sizes for everyone.

Because of that, clothes manufacturers, and accessory makers, usually make sure that they include every size in the range. As we are different in genders, women’s wrists are usually termed to be less wide than men.

This stark difference in the length and breadth of our wrists, plays a  very vital role in the manufacturing of watches. As we have different sizes, manufacturers of watches such as Apple usually have problems in creating unisex sizes.

How should you select your perfect size of Apple watch?

As mentioned before, it is fairly easy for you to get confused regarding watch sizes. In this day and age, watches are not only used to see the time, but they are being used for a variety of purposes.

We have smart watches available and they can do pretty much everything a smartphone can do. You need to understand that your watch reflects your personality, and you need to select the perfect option for you, including the perfect size.

There are so many misconceptions regarding wrist sizes and watch sizes. These may arise because of the fact that you won’t realize people do not realize that even their wrist has a size, and they need to select a watch with respect to that size.

The best way that you can check your size is to just wear one and see for yourself. A typical mid range size would be 12mm to 14mm. This size would be the perfect option for people with normal body size. You can change this range according to your wrist. 

Make sure that you count the millimeters of the wrist watch including the glass overtop. This would ensure that you would also get the perfect strap for you. Straps matter a lot while selecting watch sizes.

The bigger the diameter of the watch is, the bigger the strap would be. Even if you try to minimize the strap, you won’t be able to because the diameter of the watch would prevent attaching the strap. Make sure that you buy a watch that fits your personality, and the straps as well. 

What is the perfect size of Apple watch for you?

It is courtesy of Apple that it releases almost three different variants of the accessories, and it is said that it can fit a variety of people. But as I have mentioned in this article before, not everyone has the perfect size that can match the general population.

Everyone has their own wrist size, and it is better for you to first check which would be the perfect option for you. If you are a woman, and you feel that you have sticks for wrists, then the 38 or the 34 millimeter would be the best option.

If you have normal wrists, then the 40 mm option would fit perfectly. When I say normal, I mean wrists that are about 4 to 5 cm broad. For men, it would be best that you start from 40 mm and then go above, as per your size. 

40 to 44mm sizes are available in the market currently, and you can pick any option depending upon your proportions. For a woman, it is best that you choose between the range of 38 to 42 millimeters and for men, try to go beyond 40mm.

Although there are various size options available, you should pick the one that fits the best for you. Also if you are talking about the size of the watch itself, you would see that it is not that big, and there are minor differences between them. Even if you get a 38 millimeter watch, you can buy the strip size that is perfect for you. 

Will the old bands and strips work on this new Apple watch 6?

We all know how Apple thinks about its products. Every time Apple launches a new product, we feel that it is exactly the same as it was before, and yet everything inside the phone differs from its predecessor.

Thankfully, this is not the case for accessories, and that is why you can use old bands for new watches. However if you’re trying to use old bands for the new watches released in the Apple watch series, make sure that you fit the size expectations.

The Apple watches from 3 to 5 were basically the same, however the new 6th variant feels a bit different. Also if you are trying to fit old bands into these new watches, try to make sure that it is the perfect size.

A 38mm size strap would not fit the 44 millimeter watch. A small difference of two to three millimeters would be perfect, however anything large enough would not fit your strap. You may even lose your strap while trying to fit the new Apple watch 6.