4 Tips for Creating Business Signs that Boost Visibility


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Having an eye-catching sign can make a lasting impression on potential customers and ensure your business is visible throughout the day. In fact, research shows that 68% of Americans have purchased a product or service based solely on the visual appeal of a sign. Therefore, your signage should speak volumes about your business and match your brand’s reputation.

Your brand is one of the most important assets of your business, and when your signage fails to align with it, it can hurt your business’s effectiveness. On the other hand, an effective signage strategy can give your business an edge over competitors and attract new customers faster than traditional advertising and word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, studies have shown that proper branding on signage can directly generate sales, with huge storefront signs potentially boosting profits by up to 7.7%.

To ensure your business branding and signage are in sync, it’s essential to avoid inconsistent branding that can mislead your customers. Here are some ideas to help you achieve consistency and make the most of your eye-catching signs.

Invest in Functional Signs

To maximize the effectiveness of your business signage, it’s essential to ensure that it serves its primary purpose of attracting visibility to your business. With new potential customers passing by your storefront or location every day, it’s crucial to make a strong impression.

One way to achieve this is to choose the right type of sign for your location. For instance, if your business is located near a highway, a tall pole sign can be highly effective in grabbing the attention of passing travelers, with studies showing it can boost sales by up to 15.6%. In contrast, if you’re situated in a suburban area, a medium-height pylon sign may be more suitable for enhancing visibility. Finally, for businesses in urban areas, an illuminated awning sign can be an excellent option to stand out from the competition.

By choosing a functional sign that complements your business’s location and surroundings, you can increase your chances of attracting new customers and growing your business.

Display Your Logo Properly on Your Business Signs

It’s crucial to properly display your brand logo on your business signs. After all, businesses often invest a significant portion of their marketing budget into designing the perfect logo to represent their brand. By incorporating your logo into your signage, you can transform your brand into a statement and increase your chances of attracting new customers.

Research shows that almost 60% of businesses have reported a positive impact on transactions, sales, and profits by modifying their signage design or enhancing visibility, with an average increase of approximately 10%. By repeating your logo on your signage, you can stay top of mind for potential customers, particularly if you’re located in a busy stretch or part of town.

So, make sure to showcase your logo prominently in your business signage to increase brand recognition and create a lasting impression on your customers.

Choose the Best Sign Type for Your Business

Selecting the right type of sign is essential to attract prospective customers and effectively showcase your business branding, products, and services. With a wide range of designs, materials, and sizes available, you can choose a sign that best suits your business needs and goals.

For example, if you own a technology or entertainment-related business, adding a dynamic electronic message center to your existing signage can help grab attention. Alternatively, if you’re a doctor or lawyer, a simple yet classy sign can add value to your business.

Here are some recommended sign types for various businesses:

  • Fabric signs work well for retail stores and salons.
  • Plywood signs are ideal for upscale retailers, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Painted glass signs are suitable for tailoring shops, clinics, hospitals, and corporate offices.
  • Metal/laser-cut signs are best for corporate offices.
  • Metal logos and lettering are great for retail stores, restaurants, cafes, salons, and gift shops.
  • Awning signs are ideal for restaurants, pizzerias, and cafes.
  • Rock signs are recommended for hotels, resorts, and country clubs.
  • Glass tube signs work well for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Digital signs are perfect for restaurants and retail stores.

By choosing the right type of sign that complements your business, you can effectively promote your brand and attract potential customers.

Ensure Eye-Catching Signs by Matching Your Signage to Your Brand

Well-known brands like Coca-Cola and Uber are easily recognizable by their signature font and colors. To increase brand recognizability and reap the benefits of successful branding, it’s important to incorporate your business’s fonts, colors, themes, and other branding elements into your signage. By doing so, you can improve your image, increase customer loyalty, and establish a positive reputation.

According to marketing statistics, 89% of marketers consider brand awareness the most critical goal, followed by lead generation and sales. Additionally, 77% of marketing leaders believe that business branding is essential for revenue growth. Therefore, if you view signage as a powerful marketing tool, there are various options to connect with potential customers and convey your business through innovative and eye-catching signs.

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